Aventana Real Estate,LLC offers real estate investment opportunities to grow your wealth quickly and securely. Our success is built on 11 years of expertise in investments services. We offer a unique one-stop approach, through which a team of real estate brokers, financial advisors, loan officers, attorneys and CPA's design the most effective strategy for you. We work exclusively in multiple hot Real Estate markets.

Real estate investing provides time-tested opportunities to increase your wealth. Returns on investment in real estate have exceeded stock market returns for the past three-, five- and ten-year periods.

Without the expertise and synergy of a real estate investment team working on your behalf, you risk missing the best opportunities to increase your wealth. You also become vulnerable to sudden changes in tax laws, the threat of litigation and an unexpected decrease in the value of your assets.

We offer

  • A one-stop approach to real estate investing.
  • A comprehensive short- and long-term strategy based on your needs.
  • Access to the best-selling properties at market values.
  • An experienced research team that understands local markets.
  • A national netwok that allows you to invest beyond state lines.
  • Types of investments:Mixed use propteries,1-4 Families propteries,Tripple net leases,Residental devoplements, 1031 Exchanges